Tablocator Kit

Inside sensor

Bring tabs to full up position, unscrew hose trim from transom of the boat. Drill 13mm hole for hydraulic hose and sensor cable. Loosen bottom large nut at base of cylinder. Then unscrew bolts fixing cylinder bracket to tab. Now unscrew large nut at base of cylinder and pull out ram.

Attach small (red) inside sensor to top of ram with the mark “A as in figure 2,2” in line with the seam. Use 3mm drill bit and drill a hole not less then 13mm deep into ram, through the hole in the inside sensor. Fasten the inside sensor with the brass screw.

With a file, make a mark on lower part of ram “B in the figure 2,2” on the same side as the mark A. Reinstall the ram in reverse process and note that mark “B” must be facing up. Do not fix hose-trim yet. Repeat procedure for next side of boat.

Outside Sensor

Snap outside sensor onto cylinder with it`s cable resting against top of cylinder. Make sure outside sensors centerline is in line with hose and mark “B” on ram. Run the cable through the same hole as the hose, drill a little bit if necessary “13mm as in figure 6”. Now reinstall the hose trim.Important, leave ample loop of cable for cylinders full move see figure 10.


Locate convenient position for instrument and saw out a hole 64mm Ø in diameter (2 ½”).Attach instrument and tighten with it´s brace. Caution: Do not over tighten. Connect red wire from instrument to 12 or 24 volt preferably via ignition switch. Attach black wire from instrument to negative. Connect wire from sensor into the instrument. Run tabs down and the tablocator scale will gradually lighten and finally the entire scale will be illuminated.

Y Connector

Attach wires from each outside sensor to Y-connector as color marking indicates also shown in figure “9,1”. Fit Y-connector to boat hull or transom with 2 small screw enclosed.



Install flybridge-instrument in the same way as the standard instrument. Connect standard instrument with 0,5m / 2 Ft wire to “3-way connector for flybridge”. Run long cable from “3-way connector for flybridge” to flybridge-instrument. Connect wire from sensors into “3-way connector for flybridge”.