What Trim Tab Systems on your Boat Does

By adding Insta-Trim® trim tabs you can increase the comfort and safety of you and your passengers.  With Insta-Trim® trim tabs you no longer have to settle with the improper riding conditions that a normal boat has.  How many times have you wanted to take control of your boat?   Are you tired of the leaning to one side every time someone changes seats?  With Insta-Trim® trim tabs you no longer have to let the various weight conditions determine how your boat is going to ride.  Simply push a button and get your boat to ride the way you want it to.  If you have ever had your passengers complain about the roughness of the water and the pounding that the hull is taking then you are a perfect candidate for trim tabs.  We receive many calls with customers that cannot believe the difference Insta-Trim® trim tabs have made to the ride quality of there boat.  Start using the V-Shaped hull on your boat like it was intended, to cut through the wake instead of rising over the first wave only to slam into the next.

With Insta-Trim® trim tabs fitted to the stern of your boat you are making sure that you are a safer and more responsible captain.   Avoid the dangerous time of not being able to see what is in front of you.  The bow rise on many boats only allows you to see the bow of the boat and not what you should be looking at.  Visibility is greatly enhanced by keeping the front of your boat level with the water so you have a clear view of what is in front of you.

An untrimmed boat also has a larger wake.  Using Insta-Trim® trim tabs helps to reduce the size of the wake your boat produces.   This is considerate to other boaters on the water.   It also causes less erosion on the shoreline with today’s environmental concerns.  By using Insta-Trim® trim tabs you can help reduce the damage large wakes cause on docks and marinas on a daily basis.

Don’t be the captain of a boat going down the water leaning over to one side any longer.  Uneven weight distribution makes your boat harder to handle in the various water conditions.  Let us help you decide which Insta-Trim® trim tab will make your boating experience more pleasurable and safer.

Remember, a properly trimmed boat is a much safer boat.  With Insta-Trim® trim tabs it’s Smooth Boating Ahead!

As with any boating activity common sense and safety will help minimize any accidents that may occur.  Please boat responsibly and follow all federal and local boating laws.