INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs greatly enhance the performance of any boat on the water.  We think they are the best upgrade you can make to your boat.   By adding INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs to your boat, you are making a investment in comfort, safety, and performance.

Most boaters have experienced the “porpoising effect” that many hull designs create.  It’s the typical upward and downward movement that is so aggravating to boat owners.  By simply pushing the buttons on the INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs you can eliminate that problem all together.   The INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs help keep the boat planted to the water at higher speeds, giving you more control over your vessel.    A well trimmed boat is safer and more controllable.

INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs can make many models of boats actually go faster than ever before.  If you have a boat that is underpowered, or simply too heavy to get the stern out of the water, you now have a solution. INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs provide the lift needed to get your boat up on plane.  By putting both properly sized trim tabs all the way down, you may be able to get your underpowered vessel on plane for the first time, greatly increasing the performance of your yacht.

INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs also give the benefit of extending the planning surface of the hull.  This will make your boat act as a larger boat than it actually is.  On a runabout or sport boat this will help on those choppy days out on the water.  Our Heavy Duty series of tabs excel at these conditions.  They are made for performance boats in the 50-65 mph range.  The tabs are made of ¼ inch stainless steel that has been sandblasted and powder coated to a raven black gloss finish.  These tabs are longer than our typical tabs to extend the hull length of your boat.

You will be amazed at the difference the trim tabs will make on your boat.   Don’t settle for a standard performing boat when it can be so much better with INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs!

To sum it up, many people make the statement that they should have installed INSTA-TRIM® years ago.

Why should you wait?