Fuel Efficiency

Stretch Your Boating Dollars with Insta-Trim® Trim Tabs.

Boaters around the world have experienced the fuel savings by using Insta-Trim® trim tabs in the proper way.  Being able to get up on plane in a quick and efficient method is the best way to start saving fuel.  Using Insta-Trim® trim tabs allow you to stay on plane at a much lower RPM than your boat can do on its own. Trim tabs provide lift to the stern allowing your boat to get on top of the water instead of pushing the “hill” of water that normal boats have to deal with.  With the addition of INSTA-TRIM® trim tabs on your boat you can travel greater distances and reach those hard to find fishing spots using less fuel.

Trim tabs also help get your prop in the correct alignment with the surface of the water.  This aids in reducing cavitation that leads to prop inefficiency.

With our current economy and the high cost of fuel (especially on the water) can you afford not to have trim tabs on your boat?  Depending on the style of the boat you may reduce your fuel cost up to 30%!

In today’s more and more crowded boating waters it becomes imperative that you boat be equipped with Insta-Trim® electric hydraulic trim tabs.  We work hard in today’s economy to enable us to afford the luxury of a boat.  With the installation of Insta-Trim®, this luxury becomes a more enjoyable, level, fuel-saving ride with a simple touch of a button.  Think of it now! Why make your engine, whether it be outboard or inboard, labor any longer?  Put your boat in proper trim.  Run safer, longer, on the same amount of fuel.  Throttle back for more fun per gallon and get the most out of your hard earned dollars.

We would love to hear from you.  Please send us an email about how your Insta-Trim trim® tabs have helped your fuel savings.   Send your testimonials to contact@insta-trim.com.